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Tags: Frameworks 2020-10-21 06:20:31

Its late so keeping this short...

I have been working with Python for 5 years now along with PHP and other languages. I am experiencing a lot of friction around NodeJS, Python and PHP packages; maintainers that produce a package then walk away for 5 years, documentation that never worked in the first place - etc. Recently I had a discussion with a coworker about maintaining existing codebase. I think this begs the question as to when and why write your own code.


Lets break this down.

  • Coding your own software/package/framework/etc. does something brilliant: it puts you in the drivers seat for implementing things properly. Your vision of what the end product looks like is your own. However the cost is time, and someone has to be able to make changes or keep this software updated, if someone besides you somehow becomes responsible for maintaining its reimplementation/implementation.
  • Some languages/frameworks are great because they hit cross platform in ways you just wouldn't be able to deliver on. You'd be stuck writing your app in 5 languages for iOS/Web/Android/OSX/Linux/Windows. React-Native or Nativescript are examples of this. However if you do not know that intermediary language or the abstract components you are at the mercy of the gods that wrote that wrote that language/ it their will to have it as is.

Sigh. There is a large part of me that wants to go back to seeing things written in C, PHP, basic Javascript & CSS - and little to no frameworks. Smaller components that are only subject to restrictions the basic browser and operating system itself impose.

I know Javascript and python will be around for awhile especially in enterprise but thinking larger than that - the frustration of writing a "good" app (available on modern platforms) is near to impossible in this atmosphere. At this rate Apple, Google Chrome, Android, Windows, OSX and Linux will require years from a single developer in order to produce a solitary working "good" app for native clients. More thoughts to come. Maybe I just need an Orchestra to conduct...and not people, but one language to produce the subsequent build targets. I'd imagine this is similar to what Facebook's ambitious React-Native team thought.

Tags:Frameworks 2020-10-21 06:20:31