Trying to make Quasar app/quasar js scan the network

Tags: iot scan network local lan 2021-08-08 20:03:44

Initial discovery phase research can be boiled down to this. Taking some inspiration from IoT devices on my network.


My ideas are:

1) check to see if theres a native browser feature for this...maybe I can tap some kind of browser native standard..?

2) have a server hold a registry of internal IPs, then when a user signs in, send the details to their app's cache. This is browser specific, may still ask the user in iOS to scan the local network/ask for access to it, and Im not sure how Quasar JS handles that. Might just try sticking a library into the quasar app, plugging it into the emulator, and see what the emulator does. My hope is that it would have some JFM that auto-understands what the apps' intent is, and not mess up a promise chain/async thing inside the app while asking the user for the prompt to scan.


 other ideas 

3) SSDP -simple service discovery protocol but this requires having an understanding and some sort of prompt on iOS that lets the device owner grant permission to quasar to access the local network to discover devices

4) other schemes similar to #3 but via different protocols

Tags:iot scan network local lan 2021-08-08 20:03:44