Learning through doing

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I had an interesting experience at work today that drove a conversation with a coworker later in the day. I was reflecting on the experience with the coworker and asked him "given the situation, do you think in your experience there is anything that, if I encounter this again, you think I should try doing?". The coworker gave me a few good suggestions and I thanked him promptly.

In a book "The Last Tycoon" by Scott F. Fitzgerald there is a passage that goes something like this:


He was looking down at the mountains. "Suppose you were a railroad man," he said. "You have to send a train through there somewhere. Well, you get your surveyors' reports, and you find there's three or four or half a dozen gaps, and not one is better than the other. You've got to decide -- on what basis? You can't test the best way-- except by doing it. So you just do it."


I am finding the more work I do that sometimes when you may not know a programming language, or professionally you can't find an angle at which to best work with someone - sometimes you just have to do it and adjust on the fly. Given the nature of whatever topic it is one is evaluating, to understand if they could have done something better, there isn't always hindsight. The coworker passed on an expression he had heard that went something to the effect of "You can't avoid pain but you can try to lessen the suffering". I think this is in that same ballpark.

Tags:Quote 2021-06-25 02:57:38