A few quotes that helped me in my career

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Just a few quotes here that have helped me in my career.


"The greatest expression of rebellion is joy" - Joss Whedon

"Perception is often reality" - Mike Cormier

"By default optimists shape the world because pessimists never even try" - Tony Stark


Wiping off my whiteboard so I can use it and thought I'd bank a few of these here.

"And so I would submit that the only way for any craftsman to improve at their craft is to rather carefully examine and understand their mistakes. Certainly, Leo, we know this is the case with chess; right? The reason all of the really high-end masters record every move of their game is they're going to take a look at that later and spend a lot of time examining the board at each stage and understand why they lost the game." - Steve Gibson

Tags:quotes misc 2021-01-28 21:02:23