A quick review of Quart Web Framework

Tags: Quart Flask Alternative 2021-01-03 17:07:40

Hey all. I tried Quart and porting a flask app to it this past weekend, on the promise that it was "fairly" plug and play.

Quick burndown:

 - it is not plug and play but rather patch and see if your other flask extensions work

 - the paradigm of async and building web services in it is a paradigm that can be solved with a flask extension

 - the concept behind Quart is brilliant and bleeding edge, especially their use of HTTP3 (QUIC).

 - It is not ready for production yet. I noticed when parsing out POST data that it used different data structures. This creates complications if you are promised an equivalent but are instead greeted with this. Its okay. Just know you need to set aside R&D time to figure it out. In my case I reached an impass where it felt there was not significant cleared path online from others, and documentation that was...fairly dry online...to figure the issues out. 

 - When I attempted to open it up in Wing IDE and do breakpoint based debugging, evaled some types, I noticed that the datastructures they were using were some bastardization framework that an individual wrote. Stuff I don't see often. It would take a hot minute to figure it out and get it prod ready.



Good stuff though. I want to see it when its been adopted by more major services, should it reach that. It seems like Fastapi is going to get there first.

Tags:Quart Flask Alternative 2021-01-03 17:07:40