Better Understanding of Javascript: Ins and Outs (Part 1)

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Really trying to shape up my javascript skills. This past week I encountered a lot of issues when trying to jump between jQuery, xmlhttprequest, fetch as well as the design patterns people are using in javascript today. Here is what I do know: ECMAscript and its friends are in, jQuery is out, and the browser has come a long way. So lets get more insight on what I need to know, then a brush up of how the browser and DOM works, then either in this post or another, freshen up our understanding of ECMAscript.


A few high level notes here:

 - if they talk about "how a promise is just like the promise I make to a boy that I'll do something" then they're just farming 10 minute ad revenue and have little incentive for you to learn anything; I encountered three of these videos on youtube back to back and their presentation seemed like a literal copy and paste script.

- what quantifies a good learning experience is anything that we can take apart, have each component relayed back to standard OOP, and any specifics of the javascript basics in an order starting from relatably simple in basic programming to complex & specific to javascript; the video should build small steps to escalate up to the complication.

- mozillas fetch documentation did not feel beginner friendly. I feel like after watching these videos and playing with javascript 1:1 I can come back to this documentation and read it with comprehension. Its obvious its meant for the "advanced user" but dropping 'service workers' into the first two paragraphs just loses me. The first paragraph feels like a robot wrote it (no offense to the author, I've seen worse).


Sites and Links

Arrow Syntax if you haven't seen it yet

This is a quick, no BS 3 minute explanation of all the common arrow functions you might see. Catch 22 here is that it is going to go fast and I recommend this to OOP programmers.



Promises, interacting async with fetching data

This really caught me up on how to manage this chaining of promises. My confusion of


Promises visual breakdown & webapis

A wonderful JSConf presentation with visual representation. Talks about webapis, async visually, and the call stack.



Tags:documenting-working-sites 2020-12-05 20:58:49