Another late night: Apple M1 chips & Docker

Tags: Docker M1 Apple Macbook 2020-11-20 06:18:10

I just found out that the Apple M1 chipset does not have Docker (or VM) support yet. So here is my short and long term.

Short term I think people are right; never do work on a first gen hardware set. Longterm I think they'll need to work through virtualization security vulnerabilties where intel is "tried and true" (security vulnerabilties sold in private markets). For the developer, I do not think that an M1 chip is a smart my research people mentioned the idea of running on a RISC vs CISC instruction set. I know how people tend to program, and I can guarantee that it will take two years minimum for developers to come to a firm understanding of this before it is working right and most of all before it is optimized.

TLDR for now I am staying away from M1.

Tags:Docker M1 Apple Macbook 2020-11-20 06:18:10