About me

What is this site?

This is my super simple blog where I talk about things in Tech or general culture. I got really tired of relying on twitter or someone elses software, that tracks you, so I wrote my own so I could be as liberal and honest as I want. Most/All have an obligation to print money first and provide content second. I hope to find like minds by using this site.

Who am I?

Hi, I'm Patrick Hastings.
I am a Programmer and Engineer out of New England. I've had a long journey that brought me straight out of Highschool & right into the industry. I had the opportunity to work at a lot of companies I revere. This site reflects that journey and contributes to it.


Lastly, I write a lot of software. I like to offer people that software, and let them download it without problems posed by traditional storefronts. I do like storefronts, for the certainty of signed software they offer, but I am reminscent of legacy downloads. This is a convenient place to offer those download services.

Why the name "GNUBYTE"?
GNU comes from the recursive acronym Richard Stallman put out for his kernel & licensing, which later Linus used to start crafting the Linux Kernel. While GNU is far too permissive of a license to support a living wage in capitalistic USA, I do really like it in theory. The "Byte" part of the name was just to add a personal spin. When I was 13 my non-windows OS was Debian, and I fell in love with the Linux world from there on after. This name in a way pays some homeage to that history and years of following Linux distributions.

Current Occupation: [2020 - Current] Network Engineer IV @ Verizon - Network Transport - Tier II
Prev.: [2018 - Dec 2019] Network Engineer IV @ Verizon Wireline, Cable - Tier II
Prev.: [2018- Sept 2018] Premier Splunk ITSI Consultant @ Concanon LLC
Prev.: [2015 - Dec 2017] System Administrator @ Certified Retail Solutions, LLC

Core competencies: